To all  our Franciscan brothers and sisters – Happy Feast Day! Your patron, St. Francis of Assisi is known and loved all over the world, by Catholics and non-Catholics alike!

St. Francis was known for many things.  His love of all Gods’ creations has been portrayed in art, literature and music. Francis himself wrote poetry and songs that praised God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Though many saints are known for their work with the poor, it is Saint Francis who most often comes to mind first. He not only loved and cared for the least of us, he became one of the least of us.

There are many, many, internet sites where you can find out more information about St. Francis, his life and work.  Many books have been written about him and the Orders he founded.  Perhaps for us today, the most important thing to know about St. Francis is this: when Spirit called his name, he answered immediately and fully.

Francis walked into a court of law, renounced all material goods,  even the rich and fine clothes he was wearing. He gave everything back to The World; everything that the World and his family had given him – all to be able to “fall in” behind Christ and follow Him where ever He might lead.

Here are a few links to learn more about Saint Francis:

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He let nothing and no one come between his soul and God’s will.  It’s never too late for us to do the same.




Here are a few links to learn more about Saint Francis:

American Catholic

New Advent

Third Order Franciscans

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