Rev. 7: 2-6, 9-14
1JN 3: 1-3
MT 5: 1-12A

Happy All Saints Day! Today we commemorate and pray for the Communion of Saints. For Catholics, those Holy Souls who have gone before us are not somewhere faraway. They are not gone from us or out of our reach. They are in fact, as close as as our hearts and our minds.

We connect to them in real and tangible ways through prayer, acts of tremendous will and courage…and everyday actions that bring the love and care of Christ Himself to others in need.

Teach your kids and grandkids about our larger Catholic family – the Saints. Show them through your word and deed that the Holy Ones can help us in our everyday lives, become the saints God wills us to be.

Note: Normally All Saints Day is a Holy Day of Obligation – this year it is not for those of us in the US because it falls on a Saturday.

To learn more about All Saints Day – visit Scott Richerts’ site About Catholicism- All Saints Day.

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