Welcome to the Knights of Columbus Council 12267 of Good Shepherd Catholic Church in King, NC.

Founded in 1998, and with currently over sixty members, we take pride in serving our pastor, the parish, the King community and Stokes county. At large, with gifts and services to name a few, we serve the Stokes County Partnership for Children, Habitat for Humanity, King Outreach Ministries and Stokes County Social Services (Angel Tree). With gifts from fellow parishioners, our principal source of income is our volunteer work. This work allows us to be a significant source of aid to our communities, whether it is in manpower or financial assistance.

Knights of Columbus, the world’s largest lay Catholic family service organization, was founded in 1882. Our founder, Father Michael McGivney conceived the idea of an organization of Catholic men who would band together:

• To aid one another by means of a simple insurance plan, so wives and children would not face poverty.
• To strengthen themselves and each other in the Faith.
• To strengthen families and family life.
• To be a strong pillar of support for their priests and bishops.
• To be of service to Church and community by coming to the aid of those most in need in society.

As their forebears did more than a century ago, today’s Knights and their families stand shoulder to shoulder in support of one another. Through their charity and the examples of their lives, they stand in service to all as witnesses to the Good News of the Gospel. People are amazed to learn that in the year 2000, Knights the world over combined to give more than 57 million hours of volunteer service and more than $116 million to a wide range of Church, community and charitable activities and programs. Father McGivney, and those first Knights dreamed of the day when there would be a council in every parish in Connecticut. Little could they know that their small group would grow into a global organization of more than 1.6 million members in nearly 12,000 local councils in 13 countries.

If you are interested in joining our council, please contact Bernie Mathon at:



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