Going to the movies these days can be a real budget-buster. Tickets cost anywhere from $7.00 to $10.00, drinks are $2.00 and up – candy and popcorn prices are just plain ridiculous.

Not too long ago, my daughter took my two grandsons to see a much touted and loooong awaited sequel. It was a big deal as movies are usually…well, too expensive for our budget! We live in a rural community so it’s also an hour drive to the nearest theater.

All told, by the time all three were seated – she had laid out $75.00. That’s right – $75.00 big ones, for gas, tickets, three snacks and three drinks.

But here’s the real kicker – half an hour into the movie – she had to get up and LEAVE. The younger boy, who was in fifth grade at the time – just got too upset at what was happening on screen and from what I understand, the older son, a seventh grader, wasn’t too keen on what was going on either.

My daughter had diligently looked up a couple of reviews, neither of which had made any particular mention of the intensity of the violence or the early demise of a much loved main character.

This was a movie targeted to kids in ads, trailers and commercials, the third in a series, but, based on my daughter’s description – obviously geared toward young adults and up.

Seventy-five dollars – so hard to come by. The movie was a treat – a celebration of sorts for a job well done by the boys. A total bust.

Why? Lousy reviews. Reviews that talk about art, cinematography, special effects and absolutely nothing about story, characters and what age range the movie was REALLY created for, rather than the age range targeted to sell toys.

So – what to do? Here’s what to do – follow these links to movie reviews and commentary from a Catholic perspective! No more blather, no more marketing masquerading as reviews! Intelligent, insightful and, thankfully – useful reviews!

Here’s a “reel” find!  Sixty second movie reviews from a Catholic viewpoint!

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